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Is your boss a genius-maker?

Have you read " Appearing for an interview? Don't miss this one thing. " If you haven't read it, you might want to read it before continuing - click here . In " Appearing for an interview... " we learnt that Type 2 Factors like 'relationships with superiors' are major drivers of employee satisfaction. But candidates like Mike tend to overlook them during interviews. So, what can Mike do to prevent this? He could use the recruitment process to improve his understanding of the organization and the people therein. But how exactly can he do it? Recently, while reading Multipliers  by Liz Wiseman , I came across a 'Shopping Guide' to help find a 'Multiplier'. Her work is based on years of research spread across four continents and many reputed organizations (Apple, GM, McKinsey, SEWA, Stanford, White House to name a few). Multiplier is the label she uses for a truly good leader. The 'Shopping Guide' is a structured ass