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Is your boss a genius-maker?

Have you read " Appearing for an interview? Don't miss this one thing. " If you haven't read it, you might want to read it before continuing - click here . In " Appearing for an interview... " we learnt that Type 2 Factors like 'relationships with superiors' are major drivers of employee satisfaction. But candidates like Mike tend to overlook them during interviews. So, what can Mike do to prevent this? He could use the recruitment process to improve his understanding of the organization and the people therein. But how exactly can he do it? Recently, while reading Multipliers  by Liz Wiseman , I came across a 'Shopping Guide' to help find a 'Multiplier'. Her work is based on years of research spread across four continents and many reputed organizations (Apple, GM, McKinsey, SEWA, Stanford, White House to name a few). Multiplier is the label she uses for a truly good leader. The 'Shopping Guide' is a structured ass

Appearing for an interview? Don't miss this one thing.

Please note: This article is not part of the PsychoTech series . Also, if you are a tenured professional, you may find this article to be common-sense, as the intended audience is people in the early phases of their career. I don't find it appropriate to make the readers wait till the end for the crux. So, here it is: During the interview, apart from trying to prove that you are the 'best-fit' for the role, you should also try to validate that the job is indeed a 'best-fit' for your career, and for you. So, treat the interview as an information-sharing discussion, where you get all relevant non-public information from the interviewer, and share what the interviewer needs. That's it! If you're interested in the details, read on: Mike's First Job As the end of his Bachelors course got closer, Mike decided he wants to get some experience before starting the Masters. After interviewing with a number of companies, he managed to land a job with o