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Appearing for an interview? Don't miss this one thing.

Please note: This article is not part of the PsychoTech series . Also, if you are a tenured professional, you may find this article to be common-sense, as the intended audience is people in the early phases of their career. I don't find it appropriate to make the readers wait till the end for the crux. So, here it is: During the interview, apart from trying to prove that you are the 'best-fit' for the role, you should also try to validate that the job is indeed a 'best-fit' for your career, and for you. So, treat the interview as an information-sharing discussion, where you get all relevant non-public information from the interviewer, and share what the interviewer needs. That's it! If you're interested in the details, read on: Mike's First Job As the end of his Bachelors course got closer, Mike decided he wants to get some experience before starting the Masters. After interviewing with a number of companies, he managed to land a job with o